Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Toronto Tuesdays • Beaches

Sorry I'm a day late, folks. Today I wanted to bring you to the Beaches (or the Beach as it has recently been officially changed to). As the name implies, it's a quaint little neighbourhood by the beach. When I first came to Canada, we used to rollerblade on the boardwalk for hours on end. I never stepped foot on Queen Street East though which I discovered years later and upon seeing it, fell instantly in love. I lived in two apartments, one on top of Whitlock's and the other in a two floor apartment above a nail shop. I walked to work which was either two or five doors down. I loved my job and I loved the people I met there. That location is now closed but I worked at Vespa/Motoretta in the Beach :) Go visit their location in Little Italy! The parks, library and of course the beach was perfect for the kids. The following is a list of my favourites on the strip. It's a short one but still good I hope. I couldn't remember a lot of the businesses I frequented since it's been a while but please go and check it out for yourself. There are always new shops opening up and I'd love to know your favourites. Oh and let me know if that organizing store on the corner is still there. I liked that place and can't remember what it's called.

Where to eat:
Beacher Cafe
2162 Queen St E
Good place for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Just don't get the caesar salad because apparently, it's not that good.

Bow Thai
1970 Queen St E
Love this place for lunch. The pad thai never lets me down.

1917 Queen St E
This just opened when I left but I have been gorging on Dufflet pastries through a family hook up since forever and if you haven't had any yet, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Just kidding ;)

Garden Gate
2379 Queen St E
Also affectionately known as "The Goof". I was so happy when I finally got to eat here. It's a favourite among locals and a food destination for tourists. Chinese food never tasted so good.

Where to shop:
Ends Clothing
1930 Queen St E
I found some deals at this place and not just on clothes.

What to do:
Bikram Yoga Beaches
1911 Queen St E
Dana, the owner, is the best. Seriously. I love Bikram and miss it so much. It's intense but it's for me.

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