Friday, August 26, 2011

fashion friday?

i've finally accepted that my boys are going back to school soon :( they've been asking for some back to school clothes so i made us this for inspiration.

when i showed it to them, they thought i created my own store. ha! love them.

pow-wow powder rooms

it's safe to say that the powder room has one of the smallest square footage in a home (if you're even lucky enough to have one) so why not make it a room that packs the most punch. enter wallpaper. i'm DYING to wallpaper my parents' powder room. it's so bland and beige and blah. it's got honey coloured cabinets with a matching mirror. i'm DYING to paint those too. i've been gathering some inspiration and thought i would share them with you.

via thibaut

via hgtv (sarah's house)

via house beautiful

Sunday, August 21, 2011

seeing rainbows

so this whole week was met with lots of challenges on how to get my own site and possibly moving everything from here to wordpress. i've had lots of posts planned but i really wanted to do it on the new, shiny and sparkly site (which is still to come). i also have to get through my reader which has more than a thousand posts waiting for me to skim through them. i also can't wait to share a tour of my home, my sister's and my parents' when we're all done. and my still-jobless state means that i will have time to work on furnitures and things and i'm super excited. way to stick it to the man, right? :) here are my favourite rainbow quotes along with a picture the mister took of the first full rainbow we've ever seen. cole was begging to go to the end to see that pot of gold. ah, kids.

"the work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work"

"somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true"

"life is like a rainbow. you need both the sun and the rain to make its colours appear"

photo by ric

Sunday, August 14, 2011

bedroom bind

for some reason, the bedroom really bears the brunt of the collective household mess. see if this scenario sounds familiar: you're having a party tomorrow and the living room needs to be decluttered but you don't have time to sort it all so you dump it all in the bedroom. unless you have a spare bedroom or basement, then those places get it instead. it's the last room we get settled into after a move even though we know it is the room that we'll spend most of our time in. this is the room where it should feel serene and calm. not house a chaotic jumble. so i've rounded up a few beautiful bedroom spaces to inspire us all.

Friday, August 12, 2011

beautiful basements

ah, the basement. at the moment, we don't have one but my parents do. and it needs a lift. a huge one. i want to break down the bar. make a little kitchenette. paint it white and de-mouldify like crazy. i am always in awe of spaces like the ones below where it doesn't even seem like a basement. how do they do this? can i do it too? please? basements don't have to be dingy forever right?

via hgtv

via rona

via bhg

stop stair-ing at me

a few years ago, i decided to paint my parents' place. including the stairs. it looked dated and i thought that maybe painting it white would update it. and it did. but i don't think i used the right paint because it is showing a lot of wear on the handrails. so now i want to sand it back to the wood. this is what it should look like when i'm done with it.

thank goodness for the sometimes power of reversibility of paint. here are some awesome before and afters to inspire you.

via your home only better

via future house design

i really love the last one. wood adds so much warmth and texture. so scandi. awesome.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

piano problems

we've always wanted a piano in our home. we both had one as kids so it was only right for our kids to grow up with one too. we got lucky, as one day we finally got what we wanted and more. we found one off craigslist for FREE and it was a painted white baby grand. jackpot. then we made necessary arrangements to bring that baby home. a uhaul truck rental which cost $80 and five guys whom we fed pizza for dinner were all we needed. before it got here, we decided it would go in the fireplace room which doubles as the kids playroom. it is also the only the exit to the backyard. this fact seriously annoys me. so we put it there thinking it was the best place to put it. it now covers half of the fireplace and basically impedes traffic to the backyard. it really just throws off the whole room. maybe because it's gigantous. and i stuck it in a small ass space. so i googled some rooms with pianos and tried to get ideas. now if i could only get those guys back to help me move it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

diy dreamin'

there's two of these bedframes sitting in my hallway. they were originally $35 each at ikea but i got them for way less than that on craigslist. they have since been discontinued and although they served me well as a king bedframe for our master bedroom (as well as my kids bedframes), i would like to use them as something else now. perhaps like this diy sofa below. for outside lounging of course. hopefully i can make it before summer ends. that would be nice.

via design sponge

and speaking of outdoor lounging, you have to watch jamie of prudent baby's backyard makeover. so good. plus she makes her own pallet daybed. watch it now.

To My New Backyard (A Love Letter) from Jaime Morrison Curtis on Vimeo.

make sure to check out other diy details on the site like the tassel garland a la confetti system and my favourite, how to block print your own fabric.

now check out kim of desire to inspire's multi use diy sofa. i seriously want to make one of these. i love it so much. i probably won't need a bed since i'd be sleeping on it all. the. time.

you love the mural too, right? and it looks sooo comfy. i wonder if i have room for this somewhere in my house.

and last but not least, the genius we all know as ana white does a sofa with storage. so clever.

i feel like i need to replace my couches now. but where will i put them? i won't get rid of them. because they're pretty. does that make me a hoarder? i hope not. have a good day!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

exciting news!

i have been commissioned to make an upholstered headboard for a dear friend. this will be my first project for a "client" and i'm really excited! i have a basic idea of what i want to do but i've been perusing the webs to gather some more inspiration. her loft is projecting a glamping/canadiana feel so anything you'd find at cabin or rustic home would be the perfect fit. burlap is out of the equation so i'm looking for a faux linen or soft canvas. oh and speaking of rustic, i just picked up some tree stumps from the side of a road and i'm hoping to turn them into awesome side tables or something. here's some rustic eye candy for your weekend. have a good one!