Monday, August 8, 2011

diy dreamin'

there's two of these bedframes sitting in my hallway. they were originally $35 each at ikea but i got them for way less than that on craigslist. they have since been discontinued and although they served me well as a king bedframe for our master bedroom (as well as my kids bedframes), i would like to use them as something else now. perhaps like this diy sofa below. for outside lounging of course. hopefully i can make it before summer ends. that would be nice.

via design sponge

and speaking of outdoor lounging, you have to watch jamie of prudent baby's backyard makeover. so good. plus she makes her own pallet daybed. watch it now.

To My New Backyard (A Love Letter) from Jaime Morrison Curtis on Vimeo.

make sure to check out other diy details on the site like the tassel garland a la confetti system and my favourite, how to block print your own fabric.

now check out kim of desire to inspire's multi use diy sofa. i seriously want to make one of these. i love it so much. i probably won't need a bed since i'd be sleeping on it all. the. time.

you love the mural too, right? and it looks sooo comfy. i wonder if i have room for this somewhere in my house.

and last but not least, the genius we all know as ana white does a sofa with storage. so clever.

i feel like i need to replace my couches now. but where will i put them? i won't get rid of them. because they're pretty. does that make me a hoarder? i hope not. have a good day!