Tuesday, August 9, 2011

piano problems

we've always wanted a piano in our home. we both had one as kids so it was only right for our kids to grow up with one too. we got lucky, as one day we finally got what we wanted and more. we found one off craigslist for FREE and it was a painted white baby grand. jackpot. then we made necessary arrangements to bring that baby home. a uhaul truck rental which cost $80 and five guys whom we fed pizza for dinner were all we needed. before it got here, we decided it would go in the fireplace room which doubles as the kids playroom. it is also the only the exit to the backyard. this fact seriously annoys me. so we put it there thinking it was the best place to put it. it now covers half of the fireplace and basically impedes traffic to the backyard. it really just throws off the whole room. maybe because it's gigantous. and i stuck it in a small ass space. so i googled some rooms with pianos and tried to get ideas. now if i could only get those guys back to help me move it.

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