Thursday, September 1, 2011

twenty nine

it's been a crazy week. i think once school starts, i'll be back with a more regular posting schedule. i had the boys last weekend for the first time in a long time and we took full advantage of it. on saturday, we took them to the beach and comic con then on sunday we went to canada's wonderland. we also found out that jun (ric) won an ipad from pulse the world (it's a really cool app. go download it now). he picked it up today and we're both pretty happy about it since we were trying to save for it. he's also still trying to finish blake's video and i've been in and out of interviews trying to re enter the workforce. oh and it's my birthday today. we're going to stuff ourselves at a buffet later then tomorrow we will be out dancing (hopefully). have a good weekend!

seen in this pic: me!, my favourite spraypainted mirror,
my favourite vintage teatowel, my favourite flowers
(handpicked by jun in his parents' garden <3)

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